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Two Heart Sink Together Tattoo

Milan and Marcela will be forever together with this cute love tattoo idea. Their names are written on a brown ribbon that wraps around the anchor, which is surrounded by colorful flowers.

Black Icon Anchor Tattoo

These girls will be friends forever with their matching black anchor tattoos! The small design is a silhouette and has the look of a free-hand drawing in marker.

Cartoon Girly Anchor Tattoo

Cursive black letters spell out the phrase “A Smooth Seas Never Made A Skillful Sailor” above and below this cute anchor. Shades of pink, blue, and yellow give it a fun touch.

Goth Anchor Tattoo

A dark black anchor covers this woman’s thigh. The points turn up into a wicked dagger, while the top ring has a slender rope tied in a loop.

Don’t Weigh Me Down Tattoo

This little shaded black anchor tattoo conveys the message without being too overpowering. The simple design is outlined in black with dark gray shadows and silver highlights.

Rose Water Anchor Tattoo

The beautiful floral pink of these roses adds a feminine touch to the strong gray steel of the anchor. They sprout from every corner and are gingerly wrapped by a rope.