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Abstract Ankle Flower Tattoo

A lone black-etched flower sits below the ankle. Surrounding it is an abstract confluence of rigid lines in a repeating pattern. A single swirl juts off from the flower.

Bow Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

These matching red bows are a cute accessory that you will never have to take off! They wrap around the ankle like a bracelet, and red ribbon hangs down softly.

Matching Pink Bows Tattoo

It’s like the feet are two tiny presents here! They are adorned with two matching pink bows. Each one is outlined in black to stand out against the skin.

Single Treble Clef Tattoo

A small black treble clef is tattooed on the side of this ankle. It is filled in solid without shadow or highlight. It represents the fun of music!

Rainbow Swirly Butterfly Tattoo

A bright blue butterfly sits on the top of this foot. It emits swirling rays of rainbow hues. Further up the ankle are beautiful red flowers in full bloom.

Fly to My Ankle Tattoo

Starting in the distance is a black speck. As it gets closer, it becomes a fully-fledged bird with shading and detail. It flies with flapping wings around the ankle.

Lady Bug “A” Tattoo

A lifelike ladybug crawls up this ankle, enhanced with gray shadow and white highlights. It is surrounded by delicate black swirls, which merge to form a prominent letter “A”.

Swirly Flower Tattoo

Strong black swirly lines emanate around two central daisies. Each one is drawn in a thick dark outline, and is adorned with rows of small dots.

Dreamy Dragon Tattoo

This grey scale dragon is etched in shades of black, making it appear like a faint memory. Its spiky tail rises above its bearded face, which looks off to the side.