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Centaur Archer Tattoo

A bold centaur leaps through the air, his horse legs in mid-stride. His muscular upper body draws back a bow and he is ready to release the arrow on his enemies.

I’ve Been Hit Tattoo

An arrow has pierced this man’s side, squirting through his skin to emerge unbroken on the other side. The arrowhead is dripping blood, while stray drops fly everywhere.

Caveman Arrows Tattoo

A set of rudely-crafted arrows is tied together by a string with beaded tassels. The arrowhead is made of chiseled stone and is bound up by a thin strip of fabric.

Geometric Arrow Tattoo

An arrowhead made of eclipsing triangles is the point of this abstract arrow. The tail end is made of more triangles in the opposite direction.

Five Arrow Death Punch Tattoo

Five arrows are crammed into a single bow, each one pointing in a different direction. The ends of their shafts are covered in a tuft of feathers.

At My Command Tattoo

This arrow is notched and the string is drawn back in this black tattoo design. It is a solid silhouette that relies on shape rather than shading.

Centipede Arrow Tattoo

Hundreds of mini squiggles jet out from the side of this arrowhead, making it appear as though it is a squirming bug. A black design fills the center.

Arrow of Truth Tattoo

Not all arrows need to be fashioned to pierce the heart. This metaphysical arrow is crafted of ancient runes and script, all pieced together to come to a sharp point.

Tribal War Arrow Tattoo

This crudely fashioned arrow looks as though it has come straight from a Native American’s quiver. The arrowhead is chiselled to a deadly point, while the feathers help it fly straight.

Doodled Arrow Tattoo

An arrow ascends up this forearm. It has the feel of a hand-drawn sketch, with each line of the pen visible to the eye. Ceremonial beads wrap around the shaft.

Tri-Arrow Tattoo

Three deadly arrows rest in a row. They are crafted out of a brown wood, and feature a shiny gray arrowhead. A red ribbon flows around the central arrow.