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How much do tattoos Cost? Flat Fees and Hourly Rates

How much do tattoos cost will depend on several factors including the shop, the artist, the state you’re in and the size, placement and design of the tattoo. How much do tattoos cost will also depend on whether the artist charges by the design or by the hour. Most tattoo shops will feature both payment methods and these will vary by artist. How much do Tattoos Cost: Flat Fees  The flat fee method is generally used for pricing flash or simple designs. The pricing is usually estimated based on how much time it will take for the artist to complete

Tattoo Machines – How much do you know?

Basic and Hybrid Tattoo Machines All tattoo machines are not the same, not in purpose, price or quality. The components of a tattoo machine include the frame with the attached pieces, the tubes which can be removed for sterilization, and needles that are inserted into the tubes. Functionally speaking, there are several types of tattoo machines.  Coloring, shaders and liners are the most important and common features.  The shader is designed to be held at more of an angle and features larger coils. The liner has smaller coils and is designed to be held in an upright position. Mechanically speaking,

Tattoo Cover up Makeup – How to Apply it Properly

Whether it’s for a special occasion such as family photos, a wedding, or even a job interview, there will come a time when you don’t want your tattoos to be visible. You don’t need to wear a long sleeved shirt or sweater to hide your ink and you don’t need to get your tattoo removed. With the right tattoo cover up make up and some tips on how to correctly apply it, you’ll have the coverage you need to hide your tattoos from view for several hours. Tattoo Cover up Makeup that Works  The first step will be to purchase