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Giant Wheel Bike Tattoo

This giant-wheeled bicycle looks nearly impossible to ride! The large front wheel also holds the pedals and seat, meaning the rider has to climb up to mount it.

Army Green Bike Tattoo

An army green bike with matching mud guards stands upright, waiting to be ridden. The wheel are solid black, and the foot pedals look ready.

Bike of Dreams Tattoo

This sleek black bike features orange trimming on the inside of the wheels. The metallic surface is streaked with lights, and shadows from the tires line the skin.

Pin-up Bike Woman Tattoo

A busty woman gently leans next to a bicycle and matching motorcycle. Her black hair is curled with a red flower, which matches the red shine of both bikes.


The word “bicycle” is clearly edged in large and bold letters on this person’s forearm. The solid black text leaves no room for interpretation – this is a bicycle lover.

Life Has No Limits Tattoo

Spread across two feet, this bike tattoo design features the phrase “Life has no Limits” in a decorative tattoo font. The bike is sketched in tones of black and blue.

Swerving Bike Tattoo

This black bike tattoo looks as if it has been hit by a car. From the head-on angle, the tire and frame are slightly bent.

Handlebar Collarbone Tattoo

Red handlebars extend perfectly over the collarbones of this man. Written in a scrolling tattoo font are the words “Little Pedal Bike.” Below this are the letters “LPB.”

Tree Rider Tattoo

This wispy tree got tired of being rooted in one place, so it stole a bike to ride away! This gray tree is a stunning contrast to the precise lines of the bike.

Gear Me Up Tattoo

This gear shaft from a bicycle extends across the entire back. It is drawn in a black outline in a fastidious hand. The chain wraps around the cog.

Flowing Black Bike Tattoo

Small yet solid, this graphical bike is comprised of flowing lines. The seat and handlebars appear to sway against the skin and the wheels are two large ovals.

Day of the Dead Bike Tattoo

A human skull is adorned with decoration and sketches of flowers, swirls, and a cross in the centre of the forehead. The two eye sockets form the flowered tires of a bicycle.