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Epic Sorrow Bird Tattoo

Downcast and alone, this bird suffers from its melancholy despair. Its blue-tinged wings are shaded and spread open to take flight. Its long tail hangs down, covered in darkness.

Birds on Power Lines Tattoo

A flock of birds congregates around a set of power lines. They are all in silhouette. Some sit peacefully, while other fly above looking for a place to land.

Set the Birds Free Tattoo

A tiny cage hanging from a tree has been opened to let all the blue birds escape. The flutter away, happy and free. Above them is the word “Vegan.”

Blue and Purple Bird Tattoo

A plump blue and purple bird sits on a branch. Around it is the phrase “See the bird with the leaf in her mouth, after the flood all the colors came out.”

The Bird Comes to Life Tattoo

A sequence of birds flies in different directions across this person’s forearm. Each one is sketched with lifelike details, until the last one actually flies off the hand.

The Flying V Tattoo

In order to solidify their friendship forever, these girls have small black birds tattooed on their wrists. When placed together, they form a flying V.

Flight of the Phoenix Tattoo

A small black bird takes flight, its giant tail extending all the way across this back. Black lines flicker like flame as they shoot off of the wings and body.

Elegant Peacock Tattoo

The 70s are alive with this elegant peacock bird. Its feathers are a combination of purple and green. Its legs are long spindly fibers that curl in soft lines.

Two Lovebirds Tattoo

Two little love birds, sitting in a tree… they aren’t kissing yet but we all know it’s coming soon. Their purple and blue heads are turned towards each other.

Bird of Song Tattoo

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. This bird’s song will be in time! Music notes fill its entire body, with a staff taking up a large chunk.