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Hand-sketched Bow Tattoo

Doodled and rough lines form a heavily shaded black and white bow. The loops are offset with a smaller loop trimmed in embroidery. Long kinky tails fall down.

Sexy Red Garter Bow Tattoo

Having a permanent garter means you will always be hot! The brilliant red of the bow that holds the lace on is sultry and shows your wild side.

Flower Heart Bow Tattoo

A pink flower has petals that are formed into the shape of a red heart trimmed with yellow. Below the composition is a purple bow to top everything off.

Sparkle Pink Bow Tattoo

A cutesy pink bow wraps itself around this woman’s ankle like a bracelet, interlaced with silver. Its tails are long and thin and have white stars on the end.

Racy Lacey Bow Tattoo

Black lace as smooth as velvet composes this elegant back bow tattoo design. The edges are slightly serrated for extra texture, and the tails flow down delicately.

Polka-dot Bow Tattoo

This lifelike hot pink bow is shaded for a realistic touch. Across its surface are bright blue polka dots. It is tied together with a blue ribbon.

Curly-Q Bow Tattoo

A neatly tied pink bow has been knotted into four loops. Two curling ribbons hang down that look as if they’ve been plucked for extra bounce.

Wrap the Stars Bow Tattoo

A pink double bow is gently knotted with loosely falling ribbons. Behind it are a spattering of blue, pink, and purple stars for luck and fortune.

Pink Present Bow Tattoo

A hot pink bow rests on this woman’s shoulder. It looks as though it has come straight off a Christmas present. Black swirling lines cut underneath the shaded image.

Emo Skull Bow Tattoo

Two large empty eye sockets glare out from each skull centered on a black bow. Each skull is missing the lower jaw, but instead has a trail of spider webs.

Blue Bow Thighs Tattoo

Two matching blue bows live at the top of this woman’s thighs, highlighted in monochromatic shades. A thin string hangs down from the center of each one.

Tragic Memories Tattoo

A ragged-looking orange and black bow is tied on the back of the neck, with a tail end trailing down the spine. There are words written in a cursive tattoo font.

Pink Whirlwind Ribbon Tattoo

A pink and black bow is the central focus of this tattoo design. The ribbon tails of the bow extend down in a mystical flow of swirls.

Lace up My Leg Tattoo

Instead of bothering with lace-up socks, this person simply got a laced-up tattoo right on their leg. The criss crossing ribbon form an elegant bow on the back of the thigh.