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Pink Teal Purple Butterflies Tattoo

Three butterflies hover in a row, each one a different brilliant shade. They each have small dots on their wings, as well as dark edging. A current of wind blows them together.

Baby Butterflies Tattoo

Three tiny butterflies travel through a field of glimmering black and white sparkles and dots. Each one is shaded black with white highlighting as an accent.

Ascending Butterfly Tattoo

Located on the front of the neck, this butterfly rises in a current of light blue air. Its wings are detailed with light black veins and red shading at the bottom.

Goth Butterfly Tattoo

Dark dreams are what this butterfly lives in. It has wings of purple, indigo, and green. Its dramatic body is outlined in black and has curling appendages.

Flutter Into Swirls Butterfly Tattoo

The black outline of a heavily decorated butterfly floats above the ankle. From it sprout curling swirls with thin edges, representing the air current from its flapping.

Butterfly Across Hands Tattoo

Half of a butterfly is tattooed on each hand so that when the person brings them together, the butterfly is whole. It has a long thick body and wiry antennas.

Maih Skull Tattoo

Depressed and with glowing red eyes, a skull glares out. It has the wings of a butterfly attacked, decorated with red stars. Underneath is the word “Maih.”

Blue and Black Swirl Butterfly Tattoo

Two delicate butterflies open their wings to fly. They are covered in blue streaks and sharp black accents along the edge. Sparkles surround them like magic.

Flutter Away Tattoo

A pack of wild butterflies is flapping across this woman’s back. Each one is a different breed and color, ranging from blue to orange to purple.

Rainbow Monarch Tattoo

A beautifully colored rainbow butterfly sits with its wings stretched out. Its body is shades of red, orange, purple, blue, and black, and blending from one to the next.

7. Orange Butterfly Delight Tattoo

Two large butterfly wings expand over the entire back. They are flowing with black and pink details, and have tattered strips hanging from the edges.