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Butterfly Trifecta Tattoo

Three silhouette butterflies line up in a row, their solid black form recognizable by their wings. Each one is a different size, to give the feel as though they are fluttering away.

The Butterfly Confluence Tattoo

Five different butterflies mingle and mesh, each with a slightly different style and design. Three Monarch butterflies are present, as well as an orange and a purple variety.

Azure Blue Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly hovers in the midst of a black heart outline. Only one side of its wings are visible, and tiny tear drop shapes drip from its bottom corner.

Connect the Butterfly Tattoo

Four butterflies fly in a line on this woman’s back. The largest is pink and black and pulsing with a Celtic pattern. The others are blue, orange, and pink.

Kaidy is Cute Tattoo

The female name “Kaidy” is written in a black cursive tattoo font. Flying around the name are two large pink butterflies, leaving a trail of pink sparkles in their wake.

Brilliant Blue Wings Tattoo

Meticulously crafted blue butterfly wings spring out of this person’s shoulder blades. Every detail is drawn to lifelike precision, making the wings pop right off the back.