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Watercolor Dragon Tattoo

Beautifully melded strokes of paint create this fierce looking beast. Purples and pinks mainly comprise the wings, while its body is a shimmering expanse of blue scales.

Dragon is Coming For You Tattoo

A black and white dragon extends its long neck, ready to attack. Its mouth is open in a roar, and long whiskery tendrils jut off from its face.

Long-bellied Dragon Tattoo

This dragon’s body seems to go on forever, all compacted into coils on this man’s chest. His scales are in strips of yellow, black, and aqua.

Fierce-Faced Dragon Tattoo

Getting this close to a dragon usually isn’t advised. Its massive face fills the entire back, and spiky juts of hair point out in every direction.

Two-Headed Dragon Tattoo

The dragon must have two heads, one blue and one red. The two long necks slither down and reconnect at the body, which is trimmed with green patches of hair.

The Dragon Beneath Tattoo

A dragon stares ahead, with streams of smoke poking out from between its parted jaws. Purple whiskers line its green face as it peeks its head out from this man’s chest.

Turquoise Asian Dragon Tattoo

A giant teal dragon is raging on this person’s back. Its mouth is open in an epic roar, red forked tongue poking out slightly. Red squiggles of flame sizzle on its limbs.

Rainbow Dragon Tattoo

A monstrous dragon coils its long and colorful body as it raises a claw for a deadly swipe. Its scales are mainly blue with a green underbelly and red hair.

Doofy Dragon Tattoo

Slightly cross-eyed, this dragon appears to have a ribbon-thin body that twists at strange angles. His red arms and legs point out randomly, and his tail is spiked with orange trim.

Flaming Dragon Tattoo

This dragon is literally on fire as it opens its mouth to let out a roar. Flames cover its black and red scales, and its clawed feet are contracted in pain.

Rose Petal Dragon Tattoo

Thousands of scales cover this twisting dragon as he crawls along this woman’s hip. Bright red roses contrast with its black body, showering petals along the way.

Dark Dragon Rising Tattoo

A sinister black dragon spreads his large and leathery wings across this back. His tongue slithers out of his mouth as he turns his head to stalk prey.