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Bear Dreams Tattoo

A lone bear paw print sits in the middle of this dream catcher, promising visions of strength and power. Feathers hang down, attached by metallic beads.

Indian Princess Dreams Tattoo

An Indian princess looks solemnly down at the ground. She sits inside a dream catcher with her arms wrapped around her legs. Feathers hang from her hair.

Red Gem Dream Catcher Tattoo

Red gems sparkles as decorations on the gray dream catcher. They hang down in strips next to the red-tinged feathers and are embedded in the threading as well.

Dream of Flowers Tattoo

This dream catcher is adorned with a single pink rose to give the sleeper peaceful thoughts. Hanging from it is a gray feather with red, yellow, and blue beads.

Dream as if You’ll Live Forever Tattoo

A beautiful dream catcher blows in the breeze, feathers swaying softly to the side. “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today,” is printed next to it.

Dream Catcher Flower Tattoo

A beautiful pink rose rests on the top of a brown and turquoise dream catcher. Thing lines of string create a flower-like pattern in the center.