Archives for Elephants

Bubble Blowing Elephant Tattoo

A fat pink elephant sits with drowsy eyes. Its trunk is lifted and is squirting out round blue bubbles. A crown is on his head to show he is King of Bubbles.

Flower Elephant Tattoo

A bouquet of flowers is cleverly arranged to take on the appearance of a happy elephant. It raises its trunk in the air as a salute.

Elephant Princess Tattoo

An ancient elephant dons a beaded crown with a red jewel in the center. Its trunk is heavily wrinkled with time, and its ears seem to open into a new dimension.

Elephant and Olive Branches Tattoo

An elephant head holds two olive branches in its long, white tusks. Behind its head is a lurid red background. Its trunk curls upward in defiance.

Elephant Kisses Tattoo

A baby elephant sits on its hind legs with its eyes closed and trunk extended towards the sky. It reaches to give a kiss to a tiny butterfly.

Desert Elephants Tattoo

A purple elephant and a blue elephant tap trunks against a backdrop of two palm trees. Their backs are humped and their legs are short and squat.

Elephants in the Rain Tattoo

A large gray momma elephant holds a red umbrella in her trunk. Under the umbrella are her two purple and orange children. One reaches his trunk up to momma’s ear in thanks.

Alien Elephant Tattoo

This hybrid alien-elephant creature has giant deep blue eyes that take up the majority of its face. It stands on two legs and holds a blue butterfly on its trunk.

Elephant Headshot Tattoo

A proud and regal elephant with two long horns stares out with black eyes. Its large ears dwarf its face, while its long trunk curls upward.

Baby Elephant Love Tattoo

Two tiny gray elephants wrestle with their trunks, forming a delicate little heart. With their pink ears and curly tails, this is such a cute tattoo design.

Elephant Hand Tattoo

This elephant has been carefully drawn on this hand so that the trunk is a part of the finger. The freehand sketch is done in black.