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The Moon Sees You Tattoo

A lone fairy sits on the crescent moon, her face downcast. The moon stares back, stoic and emotionless. Everything is painted in grayscale except for streaks on her wings and dress.

Witch Fairy Tattoo

This fairy straddles a flower stem like a broomstick. She wears an oversized blue witch hat to match her wings. Her dress is short and form-fitting, and her boots are pointed.

Smell the Flower Fairy Tattoo

A beautiful maiden sits upon a flower bloom, her feet dangling. She leans over to smell an opening bud. She wears a green off-the-shoulder dress and has red wings.

Sexy Goth Fairy Tattoo

She is a wicked temptress of the night. Her thigh high stockings are striped red and black, and her corset exposes her midriff and cleavage. She pokes at a black butterfly.

Leafy Green Fairy Tattoo

More plant-like than human, this fairy climbs a flower. Her wings have the familiar veiny imprint of leaves, and her hair matches the color of the flowers.

Fairy of Innocence Tattoo

A fairy sits in a delicate pose, with the long wisps of her hair covering all of her indecency. Bright orange wings sprout from her back, edged in black.

Distressed Blue Fairy Tattoo

Giant blue wings sprout from the back of this heartbroken fairy. She is clothed in a blue dress and her black hair hangs down over her face.

Tangled Fairy Mess Tattoo

Hundreds of tangled vines and leaves surround this feminine fairy, acting as her natural wardrobe. Her thin wings spread out behind her. She is a portrait in gray-scale.

Pink Ballet Fairy Tattoo

Pointing her feet with ethereal grace, this fairy sports a pink leotard and a set of embellished pink wings. She looks down as she arches her back.

Morbid Rose Fairy Tattoo

This tattoo design features a fairy sporting a tattered dress and boots constructed out of leaves. She wears a crown of roses and is sitting on a red rose garden.

Punk Fairy Tattoo

A purple-hued fairy glances with large violet eyes. Her butterfly wings extend behind her. She wears black and purple-striped stocking and a killer tube top.

Wispy Shadow Fairy Tattoo

A lone fairy sits slumped over, her leg crossed in front of her body as support for her arm and head. Two large willowy wings extend upward, highlighting her sadness.