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Take These Broken Wings Tattoo

A mangled black feather rests, discarded and alone. Small black raven shoot out of one end, resurrected. The saying “Take these broken wings and learn to fly” gives hope.

Abstract Peacock Feather Tattoo

Tiny black dots fill in the gaps of this peacock feather tattoo design. At the tip is the recognizable circular pattern edged with tendrils of lime green.

Peacock and Rose Tattoo

A cartoonish peacock feather with oversized green strands is surrounded by red roses in full bloom. At its glowing center is an orange ombre circle.

Eye of the Peacock Tattoo

Blue eyes gaze out, a pink butterfly between them. In place of the mouth and nose is a large peacock feather. Its center is a dark red, and fades out to turquoise.

Peacock Feather Tattoo

A lone peacock feather is touched by an invisible wind, the individual tendrils curling at its touch. The familiar rainbow set of rings circle around a turquoise blob.

Feather Peace Tattoo

A long feather curves down this pointer finger, moving with the natural flow of the knuckles. It is inked in black with matching accents on the thumb and middle fingers.

Feathers on Neck Tattoo

Two black-tinged feathers hang from an orange bead. A string of smaller blue, white, and red beads flows down. Each feather has white and gray streaks.

Feathered Anklet Tattoo

A thin line wraps around the ankle to form an ankle bracelet. From the string hangs a black and white feather connected by three beads.

Sea Creature Feather Tattoo

Purple, orange, green, white, and pink tendrils wave in the breeze of this feather tattoo. It looks like some underwater coral fossil come back to life.

Spiral Feather Tattoo

A spiral of feathers radiates from the central point of this man’s shoulder. Each feather is shaded in black tones, with white edging along the tips.

Patterned Vintage Feather Tattoo

Darkness fills this feather, which is covered in patterns that look like they belong on 70s wallpaper. Thin veins of maroon interrupt the swirls and dashes.

Life is a Beautiful Struggle Tattoo

These words are etched in a beautiful cursive tattoo font in black. Around them fly rows of black crows in blue and pink light, all cascading from a matching feather.

Multicolor Fragment Feather Tattoo

A rainbow feather of orange, green, and blue disintegrates into a murder of ravens taking flight. Each tiny black bird emerges from the darkened edge of the feather.