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Red Watercolor Poppies Tattoo

Red poppies on leaning black stems look like they are just about to open in spectacular bloom. Each one is painted with a blended watercolor feel.

Bright Pink Bloom Tattoo

A large pink flower tattoo design with five petals fills this woman’s shoulder. A tangle of black and pink swirls, lines, and dots fill the background.

Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Every type of flower seems to fill this arm. Pink, orange, and yellow blooms brighten the mood, while a tangle of green leaves and blue swirls fills the background.

Sinister Rose Tattoo

Two roses are crafted out of shadows. The artist uses shading to define the empty space, while the color of the skin shines through. Leaves jut out for realism.

Flower Spine Tattoo

A twisting black vine curls up the center of this woman’s back. From it sprout outlined flowers with a touch of shading and decadent leaves.

Butterfly Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Two stunningly elegant butterflies are poised to land on a blooming red flower. Green leaves shoot out at every side, and the words “novus effloresce” are written.