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A Thorny Remembrance Tattoo

The dates “1959” and “1962” are prominent in this tattoo design. Around them floats blue butterflies through a tangle of thorns, from which red poppies are blooming.

Red Lilies for Ivana Tattoo

A garden of red and orange lilies sprout from a sturdy green stalk. The background is faint tones of blue and yellow. The name “Ivana” is printed below.

Shooting Flowers Tattoo

These five flowers look like shooting stars with a trail of black lines and dots behind each one. The purple flower is the largest, with four matching pink blooms.

Manly Flower Squiggles Tattoo

Who said flowers were for girls? This man proudly sports a pink and blue flower tattoo design. Green leaves and black vines squiggle around the blooms.

Red Rose, Outline Leaves Tattoo

A lifelike red rose sits, its petals slightly beginning to unfold. Dark shadows fill its crevices, while lighter highlights accent its edges. Its leaves are still a black outline.

Spring Floral Bouquet Tattoo

A colorful myriad of flowers explodes from this back. Vibrant pink lilies, yellow daises, purple orchids, and pink carnations all sit in a bed of green leaves and white butterflies.