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Natural Garter Tattoo

Three thin lines comprise this thigh garter. From it hangs a wild vine filled with tiny buds and leaves, all drawn in a neutral black.

Red Ribbon Garter Belt Tattoo

A thick red ribbon holds down the lacy black and white garter. The edges are trimmed with black piping, while the middle is white satin.

Unwrap Me Tattoo

On the back on this woman’s thigh is a suggestive garter belt tattoo. The lace is drawn in an outline, but the clasping bow is shaded for realism.

Packing a Pistol Garter Tattoo

A gray pistol with a swirly handle is gingerly tucked inside a pink garter belt. The feminine satin is tied together with a pink ribbon.

Fiesta Gun Garter Tattoo

An intricate garter of brown and red fabric hangs around this thigh. Triangular patterns hang downward. A toy gun with yellow flowers is snugly tucked underneath it.

Cutesy Garter Tattoo

The nearly cartoonish design of this black garter belt outline lends a cuteness to its appearance. A thick checkered bow keeps the garter tight on the thigh.

Thigh Garter Tool Belt Tattoo

Keep your gadgets safely stowed with this garter tattoo. The lacey peach design extends around the thigh which long strips of ribbon tied in a bow.

Gun Holster Garter Tattoo

Need a safe place to keep your pistol? This lacey white garter belt is a perfect place! A red ribbon is woven into the fabric to keep it secure.

Say Your Prayers Rosary Tattoo

This might be the tattoo of a Catholic schoolgirl gone bad. A black rosary is inked with an upside-down cross featured intricate designs. The black beads give off a shadow.

Lace My Thigh Tattoo

Your thigh will always be laced tight with this black ribbon tattoo design. The crisscrossing pattern ends in a loopy bow with a flower knot.