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Eat my Banana Tattoo

A cute little monkey with giant ears and big green eyes holds a fresh banana up to its mouth. It has hand-like feet and a tail curved into an “S.”

Between Human and Monkey Tattoo

A startlingly human face peers out at the viewer. It seems to have features from both species. The eyes are understanding, while the nose and eyebrows and like a monkey.

Sheepish Gorilla Tattoo

A coy little monkey gazes shyly into the distance with caramel eyes. On its thin lips is a quirky little grin. Brown hair surrounds its face.

Flaming Cartoon Monkey Tattoo

This monkey has been possessed by an evil spirit. Its mouth growls menacingly, giant fangs hanging down. Flames rage around its head, and it has crazy eyes.

Baby Gorilla Tattoo

A childlike gorilla stares out into the distant, its eyes twinkling in the light. Short dark brown hair covers its entire head and body, and its thin lips are smirking.

Passive Gorilla Tattoo

This calm and quiet gorilla stares out peacefully with its orange eyes. Streaks of orange and green line its blue-tinted fur. Its nose is two large black holes.

Roaring Gorilla Tattoo

A giant roar is bursting from the mouth of this angry gorilla. His mouth is opened to reveal flat molar and a pink tongue. His blue fur is raised in annoyance.

Fierce Gorilla Tattoo

This gorilla is mean and ready to conquer anything in his way. His eyes are narrowed in the distance, and his mouth is turned down in a scowl.

Joker Monkey Sisters Tattoo

Sophia and Alyssa are two sweet sisters in this monkey tattoo. Each one glances happily at the other, mouths parted in a grin. Pink bows sit on each of their heads.

Che Gorilla Tattoo

Remember the revolutionary Che Guevara? This is him in gorilla form. Baby blue eyes glance off to the side underneath a red hat with a single star.