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Music Guitar Tattoo

Music notes and staffs create the body of this guitar tattoo design. The beck is made of random black squiggles that form an abstract pattern.

Geometric Shapes Guitar Tattoo

This electric guitar looks ready for rocking. It is painted with geometric shapes for a 80s look. Blue, red, yellow, and black make up the designs.

Acoustic Dreams Tattoo

A black acoustic guitar glows with an ethereal ball of white on its surface. Behind it are waves of swirls that ebb and flow like the tide.

The Tides of Music Tattoo

Pink lines of music twist and swirl around a brown and white electric guitar. Olive branches sprout from the neck, growing upward along the guitar.

Rock On Guitar Tattoo

A killer blue electric guitar is in the center of this man’s back. The body has three points for a cool angular shape. The neck is long and filled with tiny white strings.

Good Times Don’t Fade Away Tattoo

Always remember that “The Good Times Don’t Fade Away” with this tattoo design. An electric guitar sits beneath these words, its body painted orange and black.

Rock & Roll Tattoo

Two hands strum on a black guitar with gold trimming. The sharp angle gives us the perspective of a viewer to the side. The words “Rock & Roll” are etched in white.

Music of Death Tattoo

A simply red guitar is surrounded by a rotating white ribbon. Behind this scene are two skulls on a background of red and yellow flowers.

Music in my Veins Tattoo

Instead of tendons, this person has a guitar neck under their skin. It peeks out through strands of flesh. The strings descend deeper into the body.

The Only Girl a Boy Can Trust Tattoo

“The only girl a boy can trust” is drawn in a scrolling tattoo font upon a yellow ribbon that wraps around an acoustic guitar. A red background makes the image stand out.