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Inspirational Word Heart Tattoo

Six inspirational words are written in the shape of a heart for even more power. Dream, Hope, Love, Family, Strength, and Believe are all etched in an elegant cursive.

Heart Blooms Tattoo

Thin black stems shoot from a central point. Instead of holding flowers, they hold bright pink hearts shadowed outlined in black. Miniature hearts are dotted to the side.

Choose Your Heart Tattoo

There are a plethora of hearts to choose from in this smorgasbord of tattoo designs. Every heart is red and features a different theme, from barbed wire to flowers.

Musical Heart Tattoo

The treble clef and bass clef unite in this tattoo design to form a musical heart. The thin lines of the treble clef match the thicker black of the bass nicely.

Key to My Heart Tattoo

A perfect couple’s tattoo, this tattoo idea shows one person with a locked heart, and the other with the key that fits. Each design is shaded in gray.

Locked in Love Tattoo

Ashley and Andy are two people whose hearts are intertwined. A golden lock seals the two red hearts together, while ribbons with their names shroud each one.

Two Hearts Forever Tattoo

Diana and Mary will be linked forever in love with these linked hearts tattoo. Their names are written in a cursive tattoo font on yellow ribbons.

Curling Love Tattoo

Who said a heart needed to be solid? This one isn’t! Its curving border is comprised of curling lines that sprout from the point. Three tiny hearts are in the center.

My Heart is Locked Tattoo

This all-gray heart has a large keyhole right in the middle. It waits to be unlocked by true love. Thin swirling lines decorate the top half.

Robin Egg Blue Heart Tattoo

A brilliantly blue heart is drawn with a black outline. Outside this heart is the outline of a larger one, with two tiny stars drawn in the padding.