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Heart of Whispers Tattoo

A hand drawn sketch shows a flowing heart made of elegant curves and loops. Leaves sprout from these delicate lines to show the vitality of the organ.

Devil Heart Tattoo

This heart tattoo design is up to no good. Two golden horns shoot out of its head. One is edged with a golden halo. Wings and a devilish tail sprout from its back.

Half Stars Heart Tattoo

Tiny black stars, twinkling stars, and black-outline stars form one half of this delicate heart shape. The other half is formed by a solid black line.

Barbed Wire Heart Tattoo

Wickedly sharp gray barbed wire surrounds this plump red heart. It wraps around the organ, smothering it between its points but not actually cutting it.

Shot Through the Heart Tattoo

A tiny black arrow is flying straight for a red heart edged in black. Its sharp point looks ready to pierce the upper right corner of the design.