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Artwork Hand Tattoo

A woman’s hand is covered in intricate lines all meticulously drawn down the length of her wrist. The boxy swirls are striped with brown rungs.

Spindly Flower Tattoo

This black-outlined flower has two tendrils coming out of either side. Each one is lined with dots and lines and curls around at the end.

Crown of Thorns Tattoo

The crown of a member of the royal family sits tangled in a mass of swirling thorns. Each branch is decorated with dots or leaves.

Our Hands are the Same Tattoo

Each of these hands features a henna tattoo design… yet each hand is different. Every style is similar, with dark brown ink, swirls, and flowers, yet still distinctly different.

Abstract Spikes Tattoo

Pointy dark brown shapes are lined with a row of dots that decrease in size. Two of the shapes curve into each other in the middle to form a symmetrical design.

Moon and Stars Henna Tattoo

A sly looking crescent moon gazes out at the stars around it. The twinkling black shapes are seven-pointed and surrounded by distant dots. Swirls flow under the circle of the moon.

Twin Flower Wristband Tattoo

Henna bubbles cover this woman’s wrist, creating a beautiful armband tattoo. Two flower blooms are covered by a band of swirling circles and a crisscrossing band.

Tropical Flower Henna Tattoo

The typical henna lines and swirls are spiced up here with the addition of some black tropical flowers. Each one has a dotted stem coming out of it.

Henna Beads Tattoo

Small cascading bubbles fall in strings along this woman’s hand. They convalesce in a spiral blossom at her wrist. The trails continue up her pinky and thumb.

Mother of the Earth Henna Tattoo

A mystical woman extends her arms above her head, grasping a crescent moon beneath a five-pointed star. From her side stretches a copse of curling branches.

Henna Vines Tattoo

Three repetitive leaf vine tattoos crawl up this woman’s leg. The rest of her feet are covered in finely drawn leaves and various abstract foliage.