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Jail’s for Cops Tattoo

“Jail’s for Cops” is written is all capitals beneath a tattoo of a skeleton riding a motorcycle. He wears a red helmet which matches his red bike.

Crazy Bones Rider Tattoo

A toothy skeleton cruises along on a low rider motorcycle. He wears a ridiculous patriotic heart and red, white, and blue, and the front headlight of his bike is also American-themed.

Racer Bike Tattoo

A rider zooms along on his racing bike. He wears a suit of white, green, and red that matches the paint job of the bike perfectly. He leans over into a turn with precision.

Flame Ride Tattoo

A man speeds off on his motorcycle, which is entirely engulfed in flame. The bike itself seems to be crafted of bright orange and yellow fire.

Death is a Rider Too Tattoo

A grinning skull stares out from the comfort of his motorcycle. Secured on his back is his standard scythe, and at the helm of his bike is a demon skull.

Bone Bike Rider Tattoo

A skeleton is traveling so fast on his motorcycle that all his skin flew off! Streaks of red fly behind the wheels and his body to show his speed.

Death Angel Biker Tattoo

With one leg outstretched on the handlebars of this monstrous bone bike, this sexy fallen angel isn’t messing around. Her bike is crafted from the bones of a hell demon.

Black Smoke Bike Tattoo

This biker is taking on the road with his black shadowed bike. The huge front wheel leads the way, while a trail of dark gray smoke falls behind him.

Low Passenger with Rider Tattoo

A biker man with a red headband, sunglasses, and long hair is cruising on his motorcycle. A woman sits behind him, peeking out to see where they are going.

Ride My Bike Tattoo

This black motorcycle tattoo design looks ready to go on a biker road trip! The engine gleams underneath the seat, and the two big wheels are covered by a mud guard.