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My Dogs Tattoo

Reba, Caesar, Julia, and Deogee must be the best dogs ever, because they have their own memorial tattoo! Each name is written on a bone set in a paw print.

Caged Inside the Paw Tattoo

The pale blue eyes of this wolf glare out from behind the confines of a transparent paw print. His shaggy gray fur fills the print which has been made in the skin.

Strive to be Worthy Tattoo

An abstract pink paw print is filled in with Celtic knots. The tri-pointed swirl of the design is also in each toe print and nail print.

The Wolf Lives Inside Tattoo

A wolf with piercing green eyes glares out from beneath this person’s skin. He looks through a paw print that has cut through the flesh.

I Love Your Paw Tattoo

Three paws are centered on this shoulder. The largest one is in the middle and has a heart shape cut out of the padding. Two smaller black ones border it.

Lambeau Goldie Tattoo

Never forget your lost pup with this cute heart-themed tattoo. Inside the heart is a lone paw print. Above it are the words “Lambeau Goldie” as a namesake.

Kitty up Your Neck Tattoo

It looks as though a cat has walked up the neck of this woman, leaving behind four black little paw prints. Each one has four toes.

“L Dearest” Paw Tattoo

Remember your fallen hound with this memorial tattoo. The letter “L” is carved into a black paw silhouette. Below is the word “Dearest” in a bold tattoo font.

Pawprint Tattoo

This pup isn’t getting away! He left his pawprint on his owner’s palm. Four black toes and black toenails are visible, as well as the padding of the foot.

The Paws of Nature Tattoo

The paws of several animals combine here to form a collusion of the animal kingdom. A dog paw rests on the bottom, and is covered with feathers.