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Living Doll Skull Tattoo

A blonde woman glares out, her cinnamon eyes lined with heavy shadow. She would be gorgeous, if she weren’t dead. Her nose is black with decay, and her lips are stitched shut.

Skull Graveyard Tattoo

Skulls line this arm, abandoned and discarded. All are shaded with intense gray shadow for realism. Gray roses line their faces in remembrance of their lives.

Mystical Rainbow Skull Tattoo

A skull glares out into the distance as a diamond shimmers on its forehead. Its temple is painted with swirling red lines, while a blue shadow covers its face.

Red Skull Heart Tattoo

A lurid red skull sits directly in the middle of this woman’s collarbone, acting in place of a heart. Around it are a bouquet of gray flowers.

Splatter Skulls Tattoo

Two old skulls are stacked on top of one another. Each one has a spattering of black ink and red blood streaks behind it. They are missing several teeth.

Skulled Up Arm Tattoo

Three skulls line this man’s arm, each with a morbidly grinning jaw. The top one has a spiky headdress and a bushy piece of hair coming out of its mouth.

The Dead Rise Again Tattoo

This series of morbid tattoos depicts lifelike corpses coming back to life. A blood-spattered skull has a Nazi branding on its head and hollow eyes glow orange.