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It’s My Snakeskin Tattoo

This woman is slowly becoming a snake as the scales cover her body. Light gray splotches coagulate to form darker gray patterns along her arms and chest.

The Snake and the Sword Tattoo

An orange, purple, and red snake slithers around the blade of an epic sword, oblivious to the red point. An eye gazes out from the hilt.

Pouncing Snake Tattoo

Maroon and yellow scales cover the body of this lunging snake. It rises from its coiled position to bear its pointed white fangs and red mouth.

Skin Puncture Snake Tattoo

This red snake with black swirls has destroyed this person’s skin. It has ripped several segments into scraps, while leaving large holes when it slithers.

Life is Beautiful Tattoo

The words “Life is Beautiful” are written in all capitals in front of a red apple and a green and pink snake. The snake pounces, ready to bite.

Red and Green Striker Tattoo

A bright red and green snake rises up, ready to strike its opponent. Its thin light red tongue flicks out, and its orange eyes glare sinisterly.