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Angel Star Tattoo

This black and red star is on its best behavior. It wears a yellow halo around its top point, and has a pair of gray wings sprouting from behind it.

Star Patch Tattoo

Five colored stars are caught in a net of swirls with accentuated light blue curves. There are two blue stars at the end, and orange, purple, and green stars in the middle.

Stars, Butterflies, and Flowers Tattoo

The holy trifecta of tattoo designs is here. Pink butterflies leave a trail of pixie dust and black stars in their wake as they fly from flower to flower.

Three Pink Stars Tattoo

Three pink stars melt to a light purple around their edges. Each star is lined with a thick black border, and is surrounded by tiny black-bordered stars.

Skin Star Tattoo

A star is cut into this person’s skin, leaving behind faint cracks. Inspirational words are written on the star, such “Life,” “Family,” “Love,” and “Happiness.”

Girly Skulls with Stars Tattoo

Two small gray skulls stare out with heart-shaped pink eyes. Around them are pink dice as well as black and pink stars. The skull rests in a gray bow.

Foreign Letters Star Tattoo

Foreign script flows across this tattoo design, leaving a cryptic message behind. Stars outlined in blue shadows accent the words, while a blue orchid gives it life.

Rainbow Star Lineup Tattoo

A long row of multicolored stars sits along this woman’s arm and back. Each one is a different size. The colors include pink, green, blue, and yellow.

Swirly Bunches of Star Tattoo

Black swirls and curls surround a central star tattoo on the ankle. The star has black tips but features an uncolored center. Tinier stars lines the swirls in black.

Streaking Stars Tattoo

Red and black shading in the background has created a natural outline of skin-colored stars which are streaking across the sky. Three black and pink stars offset this effect.

Rune Stars Tattoo

Several stars of differing shapes cover this woman’s back. Three of the stars feature cryptic runes etched in solid lines. The other stars are black and black-outlined.