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Black Palm Tree Tattoo

A sturdy looking palm tree stands tall in the middle of an oasis. Two more palm trees stand behind it. Its leaves are a shaggy black, while the trunk is ringed.

An Island Paradise Tattoo

Two interlocking palm trees are the highlight of this small desert island. A man sits on the beach, casting out a homemade fishing line into the ocean.

Jolly Green Giant Tree Tattoo

A massively tall bright green tree reaches a leafy arm downward to drop a red apple into a girl’s outstretched arms. She looks up in anticipation of the gift.

My Heart is in Your Roots Tattoo

A full red heart sits underneath a morbid tree. The white roots act as arteries, carrying the life blood upwards. Ravens gather in the moonlight.

Wicked Owl in Tree Tattoo

A coal black owl sits perched on a leafless tree. The branches of the tree start thick, and then thin out into hundreds of tiny twigs.

Bipolar Tree Tattoo

This tree can’t decide if it wants to be happy or sad. On one side is a dark and morose scene. On the other side the scene is pleasant and vibrant.

Scraggly Tree Tattoo

An old and withered tree reaches long and thin limbs upward across the shoulder and back. Tattered cherry blossoms grow from the grisly brown bark.

Cherry Blossoms of America Tattoo

A cherry tree twists into the air. Bright pink blossoms bloom into gorgeous flowers. In the background is a blue flag littered with white stars.

Wild Tree Tattoo

Spiky branches jut out from every possible angle of this gnarly tree. Its surface is covered in a swirling bark that mimics a human fingerprint.

Palm Tree of Happiness Tattoo

You’ll be reminded to chill out every time you look down at this tiny palm tree tattoo. Behind the iconic shape is a red sunset, matched by tranquil blue waves.