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Turtle Arm Tattoo

The face of this turtle is tattooed onto this person’s wrist so well that it almost looks like a sock puppet! Its big black eyes beseech the viewer for kindness.

Cartoon Turtle Tattoo

This baby turtle has been made into a caricature. Its large flippers and giant bright brown eyes are oversized to highlight its youth. It smirks happily.

Sea Turtle Dreams Tattoo

What is this turtle thinking as he floats through a tranquil blue sea? His black eyes stare ahead as he rests his green flippers. His shell is a golden brown.

Angry Turtle Tattoo

This turtle looks like it’s about to go on a rampage! Its mouth is open in a menacing snarl to reveal pointed fangs. Its yellow eyes are arched in anger.

Peaceful Turtle Tattoo

A green turtle floats in a serene pool of water surrounded by blooming flowers. Giant pink orchids and green vines swirl around the light blue pond.

Teenage Mutant Bloody Turtle Tattoo

The Ninja Turtle Raphael leaps forward in a torrent of blood. He wields a dagger in each hand, ready to cut down his enemies with a deadly swipe.