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Ready to Fly Tattoo

This woman is ready to take flight with this set of full back wings. Each feather has its own shading detail, and flows down to a narrow point at the bottom.

Rose Block Wings Tattoo

These wings are etched in such linear detail, with each feather creating its own cascading row. In the top right corner is a Japanese character bordered by roses.

Purple Goddess Wings Tattoo

Some decadent fairy is missing her wings as they have been tattooed on this human. Brilliant purple feathers cover the skin and hang down in graceful strands.

Sew My Heart Together Tattoo

Purple wings border a pink heart that has been repaired. Once ripped right down the middle, it is now sewn up with hasty stitching to piece it together.

Celtic Cross Wings Tattoo

A Celtic cross featured several knot designs on a black background is bordered by a pair of faint wings. These angel wings help shield and protect the cross.

Winged Cross Tattoo

Snake-like wings wrap themselves around a beveled cross. The long tendrils of the wings lead up to the actual feathers, which look ready to carry the cross away.

Bug Wings Tattoo

These wings look as if they belong to some prowling insect. Their thin surface is covered in veins which gather in darkness at the edge.

Tattered Purple Wings Tattoo

A lone purple wing with rip holes is tattooed on this woman’s back. It appears the other half has been cut away. A large tendril swirls down in a curl.