Tribal Dreams Tattoo

Let your bad dreams go with this dual dream catcher tattoo. A beautiful circular design radiates around a red gemstone, and feathers float in the wind.

Turquoise Asian Dragon Tattoo

A giant teal dragon is raging on this person’s back. Its mouth is open in an epic roar, red forked tongue poking out slightly. Red squiggles of flame sizzle on its limbs.

Rainbow Dragon Tattoo

A monstrous dragon coils its long and colorful body as it raises a claw for a deadly swipe. Its scales are mainly blue with a green underbelly and red hair.

Doofy Dragon Tattoo

Slightly cross-eyed, this dragon appears to have a ribbon-thin body that twists at strange angles. His red arms and legs point out randomly, and his tail is spiked with orange trim.

Flaming Dragon Tattoo

This dragon is literally on fire as it opens its mouth to let out a roar. Flames cover its black and red scales, and its clawed feet are contracted in pain.

Rose Petal Dragon Tattoo

Thousands of scales cover this twisting dragon as he crawls along this woman’s hip. Bright red roses contrast with its black body, showering petals along the way.

Dark Dragon Rising Tattoo

A sinister black dragon spreads his large and leathery wings across this back. His tongue slithers out of his mouth as he turns his head to stalk prey.

Butterfly Trifecta Tattoo

Three silhouette butterflies line up in a row, their solid black form recognizable by their wings. Each one is a different size, to give the feel as though they are fluttering away.

The Butterfly Confluence Tattoo

Five different butterflies mingle and mesh, each with a slightly different style and design. Three Monarch butterflies are present, as well as an orange and a purple variety.

Azure Blue Butterfly Tattoo

A butterfly hovers in the midst of a black heart outline. Only one side of its wings are visible, and tiny tear drop shapes drip from its bottom corner.

Connect the Butterfly Tattoo

Four butterflies fly in a line on this woman’s back. The largest is pink and black and pulsing with a Celtic pattern. The others are blue, orange, and pink.

Kaidy is Cute Tattoo

The female name “Kaidy” is written in a black cursive tattoo font. Flying around the name are two large pink butterflies, leaving a trail of pink sparkles in their wake.

Brilliant Blue Wings Tattoo

Meticulously crafted blue butterfly wings spring out of this person’s shoulder blades. Every detail is drawn to lifelike precision, making the wings pop right off the back.

Pink Present Bow Tattoo

A hot pink bow rests on this woman’s shoulder. It looks as though it has come straight off a Christmas present. Black swirling lines cut underneath the shaded image.

Emo Skull Bow Tattoo

Two large empty eye sockets glare out from each skull centered on a black bow. Each skull is missing the lower jaw, but instead has a trail of spider webs.

Blue Bow Thighs Tattoo

Two matching blue bows live at the top of this woman’s thighs, highlighted in monochromatic shades. A thin string hangs down from the center of each one.

Tragic Memories Tattoo

A ragged-looking orange and black bow is tied on the back of the neck, with a tail end trailing down the spine. There are words written in a cursive tattoo font.

Pink Whirlwind Ribbon Tattoo

A pink and black bow is the central focus of this tattoo design. The ribbon tails of the bow extend down in a mystical flow of swirls.

Lace up My Leg Tattoo

Instead of bothering with lace-up socks, this person simply got a laced-up tattoo right on their leg. The criss crossing ribbon form an elegant bow on the back of the thigh.