Swerving Bike Tattoo

This black bike tattoo looks as if it has been hit by a car. From the head-on angle, the tire and frame are slightly bent.

Handlebar Collarbone Tattoo

Red handlebars extend perfectly over the collarbones of this man. Written in a scrolling tattoo font are the words “Little Pedal Bike.” Below this are the letters “LPB.”

Tree Rider Tattoo

This wispy tree got tired of being rooted in one place, so it stole a bike to ride away! This gray tree is a stunning contrast to the precise lines of the bike.

Gear Me Up Tattoo

This gear shaft from a bicycle extends across the entire back. It is drawn in a black outline in a fastidious hand. The chain wraps around the cog.

Flowing Black Bike Tattoo

Small yet solid, this graphical bike is comprised of flowing lines. The seat and handlebars appear to sway against the skin and the wheels are two large ovals.

Day of the Dead Bike Tattoo

A human skull is adorned with decoration and sketches of flowers, swirls, and a cross in the centre of the forehead. The two eye sockets form the flowered tires of a bicycle.

There Is Always Hope Tattoo

The black and white silhouette of a young girl relinquishes her hold on a solid red heart balloon. She looks on as it begins to float upward and away.

Cinco Balloon Tattoo

It’s time for a fiesta with this brightly colored hot air balloon tattoo. The red and white striped balloon has a blue top featured a pink streamer that screams “Cinco!”

Girly Hot Air Balloon Tattoo

Prim and proper, this rose-heavy balloon rises amongst fluffy clouds and tiny black seagulls. It is weighed down by a blue and pink anchor swaying to the side.

Circus Hot Air Balloon Tattoo

Beautiful teal and red tones make up the majority of this floating hot air balloon. Hearts and hanging drapes adorn the top, while the red basket is enveloped in blue flame.

Let It Go Tattoo

Four red hearts are the focal point of this black and white hot air balloon. A rabbit in the basket holds a streamer with the words “Let it Go.”

Hot Air Anchor Tattoo

A brilliantly embellished hot air balloon ascends up the bicep of this arm, weighed down only by a small black anchor hanging from a rope.

At My Command Tattoo

This arrow is notched and the string is drawn back in this black tattoo design. It is a solid silhouette that relies on shape rather than shading.

Centipede Arrow Tattoo

Hundreds of mini squiggles jet out from the side of this arrowhead, making it appear as though it is a squirming bug. A black design fills the center.