Arrow of Truth Tattoo

Not all arrows need to be fashioned to pierce the heart. This metaphysical arrow is crafted of ancient runes and script, all pieced together to come to a sharp point.

Tribal War Arrow Tattoo

This crudely fashioned arrow looks as though it has come straight from a Native American’s quiver. The arrowhead is chiselled to a deadly point, while the feathers help it fly straight.

Doodled Arrow Tattoo

An arrow ascends up this forearm. It has the feel of a hand-drawn sketch, with each line of the pen visible to the eye. Ceremonial beads wrap around the shaft.

Tri-Arrow Tattoo

Three deadly arrows rest in a row. They are crafted out of a brown wood, and feature a shiny gray arrowhead. A red ribbon flows around the central arrow.

Lady Bug “A” Tattoo

A lifelike ladybug crawls up this ankle, enhanced with gray shadow and white highlights. It is surrounded by delicate black swirls, which merge to form a prominent letter “A”.

Swirly Flower Tattoo

Strong black swirly lines emanate around two central daisies. Each one is drawn in a thick dark outline, and is adorned with rows of small dots.

Dreamy Dragon Tattoo

This grey scale dragon is etched in shades of black, making it appear like a faint memory. Its spiky tail rises above its bearded face, which looks off to the side.

Senorita of Death Tattoo

This decomposing blue woman gazes off into the distance, her straggly gray hair blowing in the breeze as her blue eyes search for life. A rose waits beneath her face.

Wicked Butterfly Tattoo

This butterfly is a little more sinister than it appears. Its wings have the pattern of a glaring skull. Glowing red light seeps from the eye sockets and a toothy mouth grins.

The Last Apple Tattoo

One small red apple is all that remains at the foot of this barren tree. Its thin, leafless branches reach upward, while its lightning bolt roots flow downward.

Black Icon Anchor Tattoo

These girls will be friends forever with their matching black anchor tattoos! The small design is a silhouette and has the look of a free-hand drawing in marker.

Cartoon Girly Anchor Tattoo

Cursive black letters spell out the phrase “A Smooth Seas Never Made A Skillful Sailor” above and below this cute anchor. Shades of pink, blue, and yellow give it a fun touch.

Goth Anchor Tattoo

A dark black anchor covers this woman’s thigh. The points turn up into a wicked dagger, while the top ring has a slender rope tied in a loop.

Don’t Weigh Me Down Tattoo

This little shaded black anchor tattoo conveys the message without being too overpowering. The simple design is outlined in black with dark gray shadows and silver highlights.

Rose Water Anchor Tattoo

The beautiful floral pink of these roses adds a feminine touch to the strong gray steel of the anchor. They sprout from every corner and are gingerly wrapped by a rope.