Tattoo Cover up Makeup – How to Apply it Properly

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Whether it’s for a special occasion such as family photos, a wedding, or even a job interview, there will come a time when you don’t want your tattoos to be visible. You don’t need to wear a long sleeved shirt or sweater to hide your ink and you don’t need to get your tattoo removed. With the right tattoo cover up make up and some tips on how to correctly apply it, you’ll have the coverage you need to hide your tattoos from view for several hours.

Tattoo Cover up Makeup that Works 

The first step will be to purchase tattoo cover up makeup that can effectively cover your design. For darker images this can be tricky. Begin with a color of concealer that’s much lighter than your natural skin tone. You’ll want to use a second concealer that’s a couple of shades darker than the first concealer, so that you’re able to use both for the best amount of coverage. A tan shade or bronzer will work well for a darker tattoo. The popular tattoo cover up makeup known as Dermablend is designed to offer opaque thick coverage for concealing scars, tattoos and birthmarks.

You’ll also need to purchase a translucent powder to apply to the tattoo after the concealer, in order to prevent it from smudging. Dermablend and Makeup Forever both carry a great powder that can prevent the makeup from rubbing off on your clothing.

You don’t need to purchase expensive or special tools to apply the makeup; you can simply use your fingers or a makeup sponge.

How to Apply Makeup to Conceal a Tattoo

Begin by cleansing the area of skin you intend to cover. Gently apply a thin layer of the lightest concealer, using your ring finger or a makeup sponge. Do not rub the makeup in and instead dab it carefully onto the area. If you rub the tattoo cover up makeup in you’ll simply be pushing around the product without getting the coverage you need. Using this blotting technique will also help to prevent applying too much of the product. Let the first layer of concealer dry for approximately fifteen minutes. Apply the second concealer in the same manner. Once the concealer has dried, carefully apply a light layer of translucent powder on top.
If you’re using a bronzer, mix a small amount of it with the lightest concealer and gently dab the mixture over the tattoo. Once this layer has dried, you can then apply another layer of translucent powder.
You may need to repeat an additional layer. The amount of makeup you apply will depend on how dark or bright the tattoo is.
Once you feel that the tattoo is sufficiently covered and blended into the skin, finish by spraying the area with hairspray. This will help the tattoo cover up makeup to set better and can also work to prevent it from smudging. To remove the makeup, use warm soapy water and makeup remover.